Summit Format

  • Investments seeking projects presentations, 50+ top startups and businesses

    One of our main blocks is presentations of top startups and businesses gathered from all around Poland that are searching for investors. During these block you will open for yourself new products and innovative ideas.

  • Dozens of inspiring performances from experienced entrepreneurs who will share secrets of their company success

    You will be able to listen up to real-life stories about successful companies' secrets, their ups, and downs.

  • Lots of study seminars

    Key topics that will be covered:

    ● understanding the tax system of Poland;
    ● legislation and its pitfalls for entrepreneurs;
    ● governmental support programs in Poland and the EU;
    ● law restrictions in business for foreigners;
    ● studying programs and opportunities etc.

  • Consultations from our best legal experts and business consultants

    We have chosen the most trustworthy lawyers and business-consultants who will answer all your questions and help you with advice how to solve your issues in business, absolutely with no charge.